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Daisuke Kawashima

Daisuke Kawashima


Home town Osaka, Japan
Date of Birth Feb.8. 1986
Height 162cm
Weight 65kg
Blood type A
Special skills Countertenor、 Magic(Close-up)
Education Chuo University
Range of voice F » high D(Tenor)


As a high school student, Kawashima studied as a magician’s apprentice at Magic Bar, Osaka. He then graduated from Chuo University’s Economics Faculty in 2008. Next, his unique background led him to enter the third graduating class of TOHO Musical Academy. In March 2009 he appeared in the role of Thenardier for the graduate production of “Les Miserables,” and then opted to further his studies at the academy, enrolling in the Advanced Course that he completed in 2012. Since then, he has appeared in hit productions such as “Les Miserables”, “Miss Saigon” and “Jekyll and Hyde”, and has been appointed as a vocal captain thanks to his much applauded singing technique.

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Daisuke Kawashima

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Actual results


2018.03 Musical "Jekyll & Hyde"
2017.05-2017.10 Musical "Les Miserables"
2016.10-2017.01 Musical "Miss saigon"
2016.03-04 Musical "Jekyll & Hyde"
2015.10 "Working"
2015.04-09 Musical "Les Miserables"
2014.07-10 Musical "Miss saigon"
2014.02-03 "LuckyGuy ni Omakaseare" as GO
2014.01 Musical-za"Propaganda Cockpit" as second lieutenant
2013.04-11 Musical "Les Miserables"
Musical "Miss saigon"
2012.03 ISP "Spelling Bee" as William Baphai
2011.12 "Kira kirakira" as Minosuke
2011.09 Musical-za"I have a dream" as Tiger
2011.06 Musical-za"Royal host club" as Tetsuya Samejima
2010.03 "GARNET OPERA" as Yoshiaki Ashikaga


Cast : Naoto Nojima , Sayaka Watabiki , Daisuke Kawashima
2015.08 "Crayon Summer 2015" Cast : Naoto Nojima , Daisuke Kawashima
2015.05 "Crayon First Live" Cast : Naoto Nojima , Daisuke Kawashima
2014.11 "STAR PINE’S CAFE Special Musical Live 2014"
Cast : Hiroki Shirayama,Yumi Shinto , Coco Isuzu , Naoto Nojima , Daisuke Kawashima


2008~ Voice lesson by Hideya Yamaguchi , Kenji Funabashi , Reiji Yabe , Mark Planner
Jazz dancing lesson by Kiyomi Maeda
Classical ballet lesson by Kawano Yukiko
Tap dancing lesson by Kenichi Honma
Acting lesson by Kazuya Yamada , Norihiro Yamaga , Hirosi Kobayashi , Jyunkichi Mochizuki , Kyouichi Itagaki