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Shunsuke Mizobuchi


Home town Kanagawa-ken
Date of Birth Oct 15, 1985
Height 178cm
Weight 65kg
Size B:90cm W:78cm H:93cm
Range of voice A(low)» B♭(high) Tenor
Interests Cleanup , Washing , Putting in order
Skills English (Interpreter・Translation)
Qualification EIKEN Grade 1 , TOEIC 990 , United Nations Associations Test of English Grade A
Education Keio University, Faculty of Economics
Work experience Marubeni Corporation Electricity section
Overseas electricity investment business
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown


From Kanagawa Japan, Shun spend his childhood years in Hawaii USA where he was mesmerized by musical theatre. Starting his training while attending Keio University, he made his debut in “The Wedding Singer” (TOHO). After his detour working at a Marubeni Corporation ( a Japanese trading house) , he resumed his theatrical career and is now working as an actor/ singer/ artist/ MC in theaters and concerts. He is also the vocalist for the musical unit “PAPERMOON”, and utilizing his bilingual skills as a professional interpreter, he writes lyrics for the group as well. Shun has also been having solo live performances yearly from 2013.

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Actual results


2017.12 Musical “Kamiyuikyo no Robin Goodfellow” as Roku
2017.12 Music drama “Little tree”
2017.08 Musical “Replica” as Manato
2017.05-10 Musical “Les Miserables” as Bamataboa
2017.02 Music drama “Kimiyoikite” as Kunio Hidaka
2016.05 Musical “Violet” as Monty/Frick
2016.04 Musical “Yuki no Princess” as Arakure
2014.04-05 Musical “The Odasaku”
2014.03 Music drama “Kimiyoikite” as Toshirou Aihara
2013.07-08 Musical “A Tale of Two Cities”
2012.08 Musical “PARURE” as Michael
2012.02 Musical “Hello,Dolly!”
2011.10-11 “Nemurenu Yukijishi”
2011.01 Musical “Kiss of the Spider Woman” as Aurelio
2008.02 Musical “The Wedding Singer”


2017.01 “NEW YEAR MUSICAL CONCERT 2017” Interpreter and MC
2013~ “Daisuke Fujii (Production Manager for the Takrazuka Revue)” Party chairmanship


2006~ Voice lesson by Masayoshi Yamaguchi , Ohmori Sohko
Jazz dancing lesson by Etuko Kawasaki , Tomoko Matsumura
Ballet lesson by Kyoko Iizuka , Tomoko Matsumura , Hiroko Kawakami
2015 “NY Stella Adler Studio of Acting Musical Theatre Intensive” completion