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Tomoyo Harada

Tomoyo Harada


Place of Birth Nagasaki, Japan
Date of Birth November 28. 1967
Blood Type A
Hair Dark Brown
Eyes Dark Brown


Tomoyo landed her first film role in 'Toki wo Kakeru Shojo' (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time) in 1983, in which she played the lead, as well as singing the theme song. She was selected from over 57,000 entrants in a nation-wide open audition, an achievement that paved the road for her highly successful career as an actress and singer. She has recently appeared in critically acclaimed works such as 'Sayonara COLOR', Kazuo Kuroki's last film 'Kamiya Etsuko no Seishun', the NHK serial ‘Ohisama’, and the NHK drama ‘Kami no Tsuki’. As a singer, she has released numerous albums since her debut in 1983, many of which were collaborations with Keiichi Suzuki during the 90s and 00s. She was also the first Japanese artist to work with renowned Swedish producer Tore Johansson, and led an all-Swedish band to coincide with the tours for the albums on which they worked together, an endeavor that drew in a whole new group of fans. In 2007 she celebrated her 25th anniversary as a singer with the release of a new album entitled 'music & me', produced by Goro Ito. Her solo album, 'eyja' was released on 2009, and 'noon moon' was released on 2014. She also became a member of Yukihiro Takahashi`s latest outfit pupa, a six-piece band. Tomoyo is currently active in a broad range of fields, including working as the narrator for a documentary program.

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2013.11 (Pecoross’ Mother and Her Days) Directed by Azuma Morisaki
2012.01 (Shiawase no Pan)Directed by Yukiko Mishima
2011.10 (Tokyo Oasis) Directed by Kana Matsumoto & Kayo Nakamura
2010.10 Animation (Omae Umasoudana)Directed by Masaya Fujimori, the role of Maiasaura(mom)
2007.02 Kadokawa Herald (Tonarimachi Senso) Directed by Kensaku Watanabe
2006.08 (Kamiya Etsuko no Seishun (The Blossoming of Etsuko Kamiya)) Directed by Kazuo Kuroki
2005.11 Shochiku Tokyu (Daiteiden no Yoru ni) Directed by Takashi Minamoto
2005.08 (Sayonara Color) Directed by Naoto Takenaka
2005.07 Shochiku Tokyu (Ubume no Natsu) Directed by Akio Jissoji
2005.04 (Mura no Shashinsyu) Directed by Mitsuhiro Mihara
2004.08 Animation (Princes et Princesses) Directed by Michel Ocelot
2000.09 Toei (Nagasaki Burabura Monogatari) Directed by Yukio Fukamachi
1998.11 Shochiku (Rakkasuru Yugata) Directed by Naoe Aizu
1997.04 Shochiku (Kizudarake no Tenshi) Directed by Junji Sakamoto
1995.09 Toho (Ashita) Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
1993.10 Shochiku (Spain Kara no Tegami) Directed by Yoshitaka Asama
1993.07 Toho (Mizu no Tabibito -Samurai Kids-) Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
1993.04 Shochiku (Kekkon -Wedding-) Directed by Seijun Suzuki
1991.09 Shochiku (Mangetsu -Mr.Moonlight-) Directed by Kazuki Omori
1989.06 Toho (Kanojo ga Mizugi ni Kigaetara) Directed by Yasuo Baba
1987.11 Toho (Watashi wo Ski ni Tsuretette (Take me out to the Snowland)) Directed by Yasuo Baba
1987.03 Kadokawa (Kuroi Doresu no Onna) Directed by Yoichi Sai
1986.04 Toho (Cabaret) Directed by Haruki Kadokawa
1985.09 Kadokawa (Soshun Monogatari) Directed by Shinichiro Sawai
1984.12 Kadokawa (Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Shima) Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi
1984.07 Kadokawa (Aijo Monogatari) Directed by Haruki Kadokawa
1984.03 Animation (Shonen Kenia) Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi, the role of Kate
1983.07 Kadokawa (Toki wo Kakeru Shojo (The Girl Who Leapt Through Time))
Directed by Nobuhiko Obayashi , lead role
1983.03 Animation (Genma Taisen -Harmagedon-)Directed by Rintaro, the role of Tao


2016.09-11 NHK (Unmeini Nita Koi)
2015.10 CBC (Mittsu no Tsuki)
2015.10-11 wowow (Umi ni Furu)
2014.12 NHK (Tochu Gesha)
2014.01-02 NHK (Kami no Tsuki)
2011.04-10 NHK Drama Serial (Ohisama)
2006.12 NHK (Sono 5-funmae . Aru Yoru no Dekigoto)
2003.10-12 TBS (Suekko Chonan Ane San-nin)
2003.02 CX (Engi-sha 14-sai no Kuni)
2001.09- NHK (Yamada Futaro Karakuri Jikencho)
2000.10-12 NTV (Straight News)
1997.07-09 NTV (Dessin)
1996.12.23 TBS (Tokyo Sotsugyo)
1994.10 NHK (Aki no Ichizoku)
1993.01-09 NHK Historical Drama (Ryukyu no Kaze -Dragon Spirit-)
1991.08.12 TBS (Hoshi no Nagare ni)
1990.04 NHK (Bidoro de Souro – Nagasaki-ya Yume Nikki)
1988.04 NHK (Shiawase Shigan)
1986.10.22 TBS (Koi Monogatari)
1986.05-07 TBS (Soshun Monogatari)
1986.02.23 CX (Seito Shokun!)as Nakky
1982.10-12 CX (Nerawareta Gakuen)
1982.07-09 CX (Sailor-fuku to Kikanju)


2005.10-06.03 MBS Radio Drama(Bonkura Higurashi)
1996.11-02.03 JFN (Tomoyo Harada’s Euro Cafe)
1992.04-93.09 FM YOKOHAMA (Bay Bridge no Kyujitsu)
1991. TBS (Tokimeki Break)


2015.03.18 Album (Love Song Covers) Produced by Goro Ito
2014.05.07 Album (noon moon) Produced by Goro Ito
2010.07.28 Album pupa(dreaming pupa)
2009.10.21 Album (eyja) Produced by Goro Ito
2008.07.02 Album pupa (floating pupa)
2007.11.28 Album (music & me) Produced by Goro Ito
2002.11.20 Album (My Pieces) Produced by Takefumi Haketa
2002.05.25 Single (Yume de Aetara) Duet with Deen
2002.04.24 Single (Sora to Ito -talking on air-) NTT DOCOMO CM Theme Music
2001.11.21 Album (Best Harvest)
2001.10.24 Single (Tears of joy) Produced by GONTITI
2001.06.20 Album (Summer breeze) Produced by GONTITI
1999.09.22 Album (a day of my life) self produce
1999.09.22 Single (You can jump into the fire) self produce
1998.08.21 Album (BLUE ORANGE) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1998.07.18 Single (Nanairo no Rakuen) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1998.04.22 Single (Koi wo Shiyo) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1997.09.18 Album (Flowers) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1997.07.24 Single (Cynthia)「dessin」Theme music
Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1997.02.21 Album (I could be free) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1997.01.22 Single (Romance) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1996.05.17 Album (Clover) co-produced by Keiichi Suzuki and Tore Johansson
1996.04.19 Single (100 LOVE LETTERS) Produced by Tore Johansson Recording in Sweden
1995.09.06 Single (Ashita) movie “Ashita” theme music produced by Keiichi Suzuki
1995.01.20 Album (Egg Shell) produced by Keiichi Suzuki
1994.12.16 Single (Attends ou va-t’en) produced by Keiichi Suzuki
1994.07.21 Single (T’ EN VA PAS -kare to kanojo no sonnet-) produced by Keiichi Suzuki
1994.02.18 Cover Album (KAKO) produced by Keiichi Suzukiv
1992.08.21 Album (GARDEN) produced by Keiichi Suzuki
1991.11.28 Single (Shizuka na Yoru/ Voix Paradis)
1991.05.21 Album (Aya)
1990.11.28 Special Album (Blue in Blue)
1990.05.21 Album (Tears of Joy)
1989.03.21 Single (Ame no Planetarium/Toki wo Kakeru Shojo) CBS SONY
1989.03.21 Single (Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Shima/Soshun Monogatari) CBS SONY
1988.09.01 Best Album (Single Collection ’82-’88) CBS SONY
1988.07.21 Single (MY FAVORITES) CBS SONY
1988.04.27 Single (Taiyo ni Naritai) CBS SONY
1987.11.28 Best Album (FROM T) CBS SONY
1987.07.29 Album (Schmatz) CBS SONY
1987.07.01 Single (Kare to Kanojo no Sonnet T’EN VA PA) CBS SONY
1987.05.02 Single (Aerukamoshirenai) CBS SONY
1987.05.01 Best Album (Image) TOSHIBA EMI
1986.11.28 Album (Soshite) CBS SONY
1986.11.01 Best Album (Pochette TOMOYO 1983-1984) TOSHIBA EMI
1986.09.21 Single (Sora ni Dakarenagara) CBS SONY
1986.06.28 Album (Next Door)CBS SONY
1986.06.21 Single (Ame no Planetarium) CBS SONY
1986.03.05 Single (Doshitemasuka) CBS SONY
1985.11.28 Album (Pavane) CBS SONY
1985.11.28 Soundtrack (Soshun Monogatari Original Soundtrack)Warner Music Japan
1985.07.17 Single (Soshun Monogatari) CBS SONY
1984.12.01 Soundtrack (Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Shima Original Soundtrack) CBS SONY
1984.11.28 Album (Nadeshiko Junjo) CBS SONY
1984.10.10 Single (Tengoku ni Ichiban Chikai Shima) CBS SONY
1984.07.07 Soundtrack (Aijo Monogatari Original Soundtrack) TOSHIBA EMI
1984.04.25 Single (Aijo Monogatari) TOSHIBA EMI
1983.11.28 Album (Birthday Album) TOSHIBA EMI
1983.07.25 Single (Dandelion) KADOKAWA RECORDS
1983.07.07 Soundtrack (Toki wo Kakeru Shojo Original Soundtrack)PONY CANYON
1983.04.21 Single (Toki wo Kakeru Shojo) PONY CANYON
1982.10.21 Single (Tokimeki no Accident) PONY CANYON
1982.07.05 Single (Kanashiikurai Hontou no Hanashi) PONY CANYON


2014.05.23-07.11 (TOMOYO HARADA LIVE TOUR 2014 “noon moon”)
2010.10.29-11.12 (pupa Live Tour 2010 dreaming 6 pupas)
2010.02.11-04.20 (TOMOYO HARADA LIVE TOUR 2010 “eyja”)
2008.11.21-30 (pupa Live Tour 2010 floating 6 pupas)
2007.12.14-08.03.01 (TOMOYO HARADA live tour music & me)
2002.07.11-27 (TOMOYO HARADA Best Harvest 2002 Vol.2)
2002.01.12-02.02 (TOMOYO HARADA Best Harvest 2002 Vol.1)
2001.07.03・04・06 (TOMOYO HARADA LIVE Summer breeze)
1999.10.27-11.03 (TOMOYO HARADA 99 LIVE a day of my life)
1998.10.15-30 Live (TOMOYO HARADA 98 LIVE BLUE ORANGE)
1998.05.27-31 Live (TOMOYO HARADA acoustic special “KAKO”)
1997.04.05-18 Live (TOMOYO HARADA 97 LIVE I could be free)
1996.06.13-27 Live (TOMOYO HARADA 96 LIVE Clover)
1995.02.24 Live (TOMOYO HARADA 95 LIVE EGG Shell)
1992.09.07-08 Concert (1992 TOMOYO HARADA concert GARDEN)
1991.06 Concert (Eolia neuro & fuzzy TOMOYO HARADAConcert AYA1991)
1991.04.21 Concert (TOMOYO HARADA in Tokyo P/N)
1990.08.13 Concert (TOMOYO HARADA RESORT SOUND in Yatsugatake ’90)
1990.02.24 Concert (TOMOYO HARADA CONCERT/Visual Live in Tokyo Bay NK Hall)
1988.08-09 Concert (1988.Summer)
1987.07-09 Concert Tour (Schmatz)
1986.06-09 Concert Tour (MUSSCET LIP)
1984.11.28 Concert (Birthday Concert)
1984.04-07 Prologue Concert (Aijo Monogatari)


1991.09.21 (Gensou no Iru basho) FOR LIFE MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT



1995.10.01 Nihon Vogue (My Knit, My Style)
1986.11.28 Fujimi Shobo (Tomoyo Harada 1st Concert Tour)
1985.08.15 Fujimi Shobo (Aitakute Tomoyo1985)
1984.04.25 Fujimi Shobo (ToMoYo)


1984.11.28 KADOKAWA (Toki no Maho-tsukai)
1987.11.28 FUSOSHA (19+1 Good-by teens,Hello twenties)


AGF (Blendy)


Every Saturday 20:54-21:00 TV TOKYO (IKIRU wo Tsutaeru) Narration