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Management Division

Management with new value and imagination As a professional group, our goal is to service our talented clients with effective time management, professional negotiations, and better personal development with new values and imagination. We also strive to develop interpersonal relationships with our clients so as to draw out their individual potential.

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Actor Actress

Actors performing in NHK TV dramas and musicals, including “Les Miserables” and “Miss Saigon,” belong to our company. We look for ways to promote actors in a manner that best suits them individually, with many of our clients enjoying playing important roles whilst “being themselves.”
Business alliance with Schon HARADA Inc.

Sports & Culture

Belonging to our company are specialists including former professional sportsmen and women who have been Olympic medalists and leading members of the national soccer team, as well as baseball commentators, music producers, and freelance anchors. They take part in news, information and language television and radio programs, appear in events, and instruct seminars.


We train our artists to challenge themselves when creating films and to pursue new entertainment interests in both Japan and overseas. There is also the opportunity to collaborate with others in the field who have experience at Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia. Our creators work in Hollywood as screenwriters, or as music video, short film, TV commercial, film, and drama creators who stand out in many different fields.