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Visual Contents Division

We provide short films and develop entertainment business.

Main Business

ShortShorts Business Project

A general brand of short film, ShortShorts acquires short film content from all over the world and distributes this to clients domestically and internationally.

  • Planning and proposing new business schemes through short films
  • Producing and organizing short film production
  • Making effective use of short film contents through administration
  • Advertising agency and event planning business through short film contents
  • Distribution, sales, and research business of short films (domestic and international)
  • Production and sales of movie-recording medium


ShortShorts Projects

Creating and Producing Short Films in Collaboration with Various Companies and Government Organizations

In order to foster the development of world-class Japanese directors, Short Shorts has been working with numerous companies and government organizations in producing short films since 2004. To begin, Best Short award winners of the Japan Competition were commissioned to create new short films in a collaboration with Asahi Super Dry, with three films being produced over consecutive years. Short Shorts then started to recommend up-and-coming Japanese directors participating in the film festival to the Agency for Cultural Affairs VIPO (Visual Industry Promotion Organization). Following this, the “Let’s Travel! Project” Special Presentation film was created in partnership with the Japan Tourism Agency (Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism), a Special Short Film was produced with Tokyo Skytree to mark its 1st anniversary, a 3D short film was produced for the first time with Skyperfectv, and the Music Short Creative Competition Special Presentation was produced, to name but a few projects. Films produced by Short Shorts are taken off to film festivals all over the world throughout the year and promoted at film markets, supporting the Japanese directors who fly off around the globe. In 2015, "Shabu-Shabu Spirit", a commissioned production made in collaboration with Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, was released online in five languages and screened at Milano Expo 2015.

Past Productions

Domestic and International Short Film Contents Licensing and Sales

We are a Sales Agent with an extensive filmmaker network that introduces movie content, primarily short film, to the global market.

  • Legal licensing and customs formalities of domestic and foreign movie contents
  • Rights management of movie contents

Distribution and Programming of Movies

We acquire high-quality short film content that has been recognized at prestigious international film festivals. From this we are able to program contents in accordance with client requirements.

The Phone Call The Phone Call The 87th (2015) Academy Awards © Winner of Best Short (Live Action)
Curfew CurfewThe 85th (2013) Academy Awards © Winner of Best Short (Live Action)
Wave 98’ Wave 98’ Cannes Film Festival 2015 Winner of Palme d'Or

Planning and Suggesting New Business Schemes Through Short Films

Nestlé AmuseNestlé Amuse


Short Film Distribution on the Internet

To date, we have provided countless short films to internet portal sites like MSN, Yahoo! Japan, Nestlé Amuse, CREDIT SAISON, excite, BIGLOBE, dTV, antenna* and others. We proposed entertainment programming that is perfect for the growing broadband services to eventually be provided for every household in the country. In the midst of an age where internet environment and social media is picking up speed, we plan and work with such evolving services, whilst also recommending carefully selected short film content for use from around the world.

Nestlé Amuse Film Festival Website

dTV Website


“Tabi - mo - ja”

Centered around the theme “things to do for those who love travel, “Tabimoja” (Travel - Motion - Japon) is a comprehensive information site gathering various content and videos related to travel. It embarks on promotional campaigns by collaborating with businesses, organizations and local governments whilst also making use of SNS and the film medium to spread the word about domestic travel.

Tabimoja Website

Book Shorts


Book Shorts is a project that calls for short story submissions -derivative works inspired by pre-existing novels, fairytales, folktales and so forth. Works awarded by the project are turned into short films and various other media.

Book Shorts Website

Music Shorts Competition

ミュージック Short部門フロー

The film festival calls for short film entries inspired by and created for music signed to Japanese labels. High quality works are distributed to PC, mobile and smart phone applications, and its sales are divided between the creators and labels.

Planning and Development of Visual Contents

We plan and develop visual contents for applications for iPhone, iPad, Android, SD card, PPV, DVD and so on.

ショート ショート フィルム フェスティバル
Short Shorts Film Festival
The Eclipse’s
Mister Rococo
The Twenty-third Story

Educational Work Using Visual Contents

Officially recognized as an Academy Awards® accredited festival, Pacific Voice’s Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia created a chair for “Hollywood Storytelling Scenario Lessons.” A scenario writer active in Hollywood teaches the techniques of writing scenarios 30% more attractive. Effective lessons for not only scenario writers and people in the film industry, but anyone who is related to contents business.

Hollywood Storytelling Scenario Lessons

Visual Contents Events

We carry out consulting, design and management of events and parties utilizing visual contents, mainly short films.

(Guests who have appeared)
Tsuyoshi Ihara (actor), Naoto Kumazawa (director), Hirokazu Koreeda (film director), Seiji Sugimoto(niwango,inc. president), Mitsuyoshi Takasu(writer), Shinya Tsukamoto(director), Hiroyuki Nakao (director), FROGMAN (flash creator), Kenichiro Mogi (brain scientist), LiLiCo (movie commentator), Yoichi Watanabe (cameraman), etc...

Network of Talented Domestic and International Filmmakers

We introduce our extensive network of talented filmmakers and their work through SSFF & ASIA and other events.

  • Mark Osborne "Kung Fu Panda"
  • Royston Tan "881"
  • Sean Ellis "Cashback"
  • Will Speck "BLADES OF GLORY"
  • Jason Reitman "Thank you for smoking" "JUNO"
  • Shane Acker "9"
  • Ken Ochiai "Tiger Mask"
  • Mipo Oh "Okan no Yomeiri"
  • Shoh Kataoka "Yellow Elephant"
  • Hiroyuki Nakao "Time Scoop Hunter: The Final Day of Azuchi Castle"
    (theatrial version)
  • etc.