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Ai Takaoka


Home town Kyoto, Japan
Date of Birth Apr.9. 1973
Blood type O
License Japan educational calligraphy federation Kanji section general part teacher(1995)
Calligraphy room Syoraku Room(the leader)


Tango Sightseeing Ambassador
Member of UNESCO association in Kyoto

2008 Received the "Lux 2008 Shine Awards"
1995-2006 Yomiuri Calligraphy exhibition "selection"

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Actual results


2016.10 AJINOMOTO GENERAL FOODS,INC. "Wa no Nishiki" Miso soup gift title writing
2016.02 TVK Daido Drink Special Nippon no Matsuri"Ooiso no Sagityo" Program title writing
2016.01~ NVK "Ueda Shinya no Nippon Medaru Banashi" Program title writing
2016.01 Kamogamijinjya The 42nd Shikinensenguuseisengu "Keishinsuso" writing
2015.12 TVK Daido Drink Special Nippon no Matsuri"Happyakunen wo tsugu souheki no hayate" Program title writing
2015.05 Nittyu pinpon gaiko "Peace" "Love" writing
2011-2014 Enka singer "Miho Aoki" CD jacket writing
"Umidoriyo" 2014.09.24 KING RECORDS
"Kazahanashigure" 2012.11.21 KING RECORDS
"Kurenainohana" 2011.03.23 KING RECORDS
2013.12 Special nursing home Riha-viranagisaen "Fortune comes to a merry home" presentation
2010 Magazine House "anan" Hannyashinkyo special edition "Shakyo" model presentation
2010 World heritage Kamigamojinjya "Kamokeiba" writing
2009.10 Kyotomiyakomesse Shinsuke Shimada produce "Shinsengumi-lien" costume "MAKOTO" writing


2016.02 KTV <Yokoyama Yui ga han’nari meguru Kyōto irodori nikki>
2016.01 TX <Japanese favorite foreigner No. 1 decision battle>
2014.04 YTV <Power of Music> "joy , anger , pathos , humor" "spirit" writing
2013.03 KBS <Kyosupo> "Kyoto marathon" writing
2012.06 NTV <AKBINGO!> "love-earnest" writing
2011.01 MBS <Seyanen> "love / laugh , feeling , easy" writing
2010.12 KBS <Year-end news special program2010 Kyoto fukumimi TV> "dream / easy , delight , jump , laugh , feeling , love" writing
2010.10 KTV <Made in Kansai> "challenge" writing
2007.11 CX <Vanilla kibun> second section <GRA> calligraphy instructor
2007.10 TVO <Kanojyonorejyume>
2007.04 CX <Quiz ! voice of the people> writing
2006.12 KBS <2006 year-end news special program> "Boar" writing


2014.01 NHK-FM <Nemurenaianatahe> salon des bejou corner guest
2013.11 KZOO Radio <KZOO Radio Shirokiya Studio>
2012.06 OkinawaFM <FM yanbaru>
2011.03 KBS <Music wide radio view>
2010.12 Kyoto α station <KYOTO AIR LOUNGE>
2008.11 MBS <Teruyuki Saegusa no akinaikandokoro>


2009.07 Suntory <Sesamin> infomercial(TX)


2015.05 <ICHI>First Work Collection
2011.03 <Fujingaho> (April issue) Hachette fujingaho-sha
2007.11 <Genki, Yuuki, Honki !>
2007.10 <Self-expression> (November issue) Geijutsuseikatsu-sha


2017.01~ Kamigamo Shrine The 42nd Shikinen sengū hōshuku <New Year Calligraphic dedication>
2016.11 Kyoto Cultural Power Project 2016-2020 <Public Workshop in Tango>
2016.09 New York Hammond Museum of Art
2016.03 New York City college of New York "Appreciation" "Live every day as though it were last" writing
2016.01 Kamigamo Shrine The 42nd Shikinen sengū hōshuku <New Year Calligraphic dedication> "Fortune comes to a merry home" "Saru" "Love" writing(It will be held the same day for 12 years thereafter)
2015.03 New York Japan club "Road" "Love" writing
2015.01 baskin robbins 31 ice cream franchisee meeting
2014.01 Daimaru Shinsaibashi theater <The Turning Point 1st Stage> "future / dream" writing
2014.01 Daimaru Kyoto art gallery "Fortune comes to a merry home" writing
2013.12 Takaragaike Grand Prince Hotel Kyoto "dance / There is hope in the point of the passion / mind" writing 2013.11 Salon Allie HAIR COLLECTION" dream , prosperity , think" writing
2013.08 The Westin Miyako Hotel Kyoto "Grand Wedding Fair Fashion Show" "I thank for the relationship that I was able to come across" "I spin happiness" "one and only master piece" writing
2013.04 JAbank promotion activity Shiga in Otsu Prince Hotel "JAbank Shiga" "bonds" "sales target 1,500 billion yen" writing
2013.03 Ceremony of the 40th anniversary of Japan Registered Clinical Laboratories Association In Hotel New Otani "routine test" writing
2013.01 Daimaru Shinsaibashi art gallery "spirit" "It is the middle of the heart like oneself without displaying it" writing 2012.12 Kyoto Central Post Office "join thought together" "dream" writing
2012.06 Nago-shi,Okinawa "kojyunfubo" "sonkeityojyo" "wabokukyori" "kyokunsison" "kakuyasuseri" "bosakuhii" "dream" "challenge" "bonds" writing
2012.04 France-Paris "love amour" "aisansankoh" "shin , onn , si , ann , yuu , kokoro" "the spirit to succeed , wish" "peach" "thanks Merci" "thank you for an encounter , Live every day as though it were last" "thank you for giving birth" writing
2012.04 France-Paris personal exhibition vernissage "love" "Live every day as though it were last" "thanks" "dream" "spirit" "bonds" writing
2012.01 Himeji Sanyo Department Store art gallery "dragon , Live every day as though it were last" "Laugh and get fat" writing
2012.01 NIHON LOREAL <kiehls new product announcement> "whitening" "transparence" writing
2012.01 Kyoto station underground mall Porta in new year event
Part 1 "fly" "dragon" "join" "cloud"
Part 2 "dragon luck" "bonds" "thank you about certain all now" writing
2011.10 Amanohashidate Hotel Tango kimono festival "gloss" "sosyu" "blossom" writing
2011.02 Kyoto International Conference Center to welcome Akishinonomiyadouhiryohdenka <KYOTO the palace of the global environment> ceremony "learn new" writing
2010.12 Tokyo Shinjuku Sumitomo NS building "tireless" writing
2010.11 Tokyo Shiodome "sincerity" "belief" "challenge" "flying" writing
2010.09 Junior high school festival in Honjo "dream comes true , anyone has the possibility" "door" "challenge" "friend bond" writing
2009.11 Kyoto Italian restaurant <simpatia> "Ogni incontro e irripetible" "Grazie" "love" writing
2009.07 The Federation of Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Kyoto(Young Entrepreneurs Group) Part 13 Miyazu "hot bond" writing
2008.12 Wakayama Marina City <Countdown event> "gen" "ki" "tasuki" "love" "laugh" writing
2008.10 Castle town Miyazu 70,000koku <Wabi 2008> (daichouji)"self" "rare" "hometown" "relive" "challenge" writing
2008.09 Printemps Ginza "Inspiration and expiration" "love" "wish" writing
2008.09 Lux 2008 Shine Awards Cultured person section receiving a prize "beauty" "dancing" "feeling" "leap" "charm" writing
2008.03 Easter concert "Nicola Frisardi x Xiumin x Ai Takaoka" collaboration
2007.12 Tokyo Japan Star Creation 2007 judge representative from Japan audition "challenge the stage of the dream" writing
2007.07 Japan-Australia society of Osaka summer party "live every day as though it were last" writing
2007.07 Hokkaido-sapporo Shouganji calligraphy performance
2007.06 Amanotatehashi <collaboration of a car and the calligraphy>



2016.05-06 Exhibition of calligrapher 10th anniversary <A world of Ai Takaoka>
site:be Kyoto
2012.12-13.01 Hotel Nikko Osaka new year holidays decoration "color of dream(calligraphy work) " "dream(display)"
2010.03-09 World exhibition of centenary of the birth Mother Teresa(collaboration)
site:Nagoya-Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshi – Nihonbashi-Mitsukoshi – Kagoshima-Yamagataya – Fukuoka-Mitsukoshi – Sapporo-Mitsukoshi


2017.01 Kyoto-New Year’s Solo Exhibition
2015.03 New York-Japan Club etc.
2014.01 Daimaru-Kyoto sixth floor art gallery
2013.01 Osaka-Daimaru-Shinsaibashi south hall eighth floor art gallery
2012.06 Okinawa-Mitsukoshi fifth floor art gallery
2012.04 France-Paris Atelier Gen Paul
2012.01 Himeji Sanyo Department Store Main Building fifth floor art gallery
2011.07 Okinawa-Mitsukoshi fifth floor art gallery <Ohgen Hamanaka’s Suiboku-ga – Ai Takaoka’s Calligraphy>
2010.01-02 Salon de Rendez vous a Tokyo
2009.05 Au Rendez vous des artistes Tokyo
2008.09 Printemps Ginza <calligraphy exhibition>
2007.06 Nissan-Nodagawahanbai Co.